5 things we got that I didn't realise I needed.

Renovating is so hard but think of the end... The best bit is deciding on the finishing touches and adding your own little conveniences around the house. I wanted to share with you what we got and why they've made a difference to us!

1. ProofVision In-Wall Electric Toothbrush Charger with shaver socket. We got this installed in our ensuite and it has been amazing! It's made such a difference just popping it on charge instead of digging out the charger from my drawers. You can purchase the item from Kinchito. I posted this to my Tik Tok and it had over 430,000 views, I then got a message from the ladies at Kinchito to say that they will be expanding to the US because of how viral the video went!

2. Shower Niche. When we were renovating the ensuite, we decided to build a shower niche so we didn't have to buy any additional attachments to utilise the space. This makes our shower look so slick and tidy.

3. USB charger in the kitchen Island. I never knew how convenient it would be to add a plug socket on our island. It makes it so easy to plug in my hand mixer and stay in the same spot. I can also charge my phone or ipad if I am eating on the island too!

4. Puriti Filter Tap. This was one of the best decisions, we got our 3 way tap from Caple which is a Bristol based company. We used to have a water filter jug but this has changed our lives! It is so good to just go to the tap and have drinking water at the ready!

5. Water Softener that fits in the cupboard. We got ours from Water2Buy As we are in a hard water area, a water softener was a must for us. A water softener removes the minerals such as calcium and magnesium that causes the water to become hard. Hard water is also known to clog pipes, dissolve soap and creates limescale build up. With a water softener, we save money long term and reap the benefits too!

You can check how hard your water is here

You can also read more about pros of having a water softener here

Thank you for reading! Please do share with me if there's anything you've done in your homes that you would not be able to live without now!

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