Perfect White Paint

Have a look below on what a difference a lick of white paint does!

Photo: Dulux Pure Brilliant White - Matt - 10L. I paid 2 for £36 at Screwfix. Hyperlink attached.

" I believe in optimism and plenty of white paint" - Elsie De Wolfe

It's always the most simple things that can make the biggest difference.

Mission: Upstairs Landing

When we viewed our house for the first time, my first thought was the questionable decor. The house was about 30 years old and it had one owner, I don't know how they looked at that green paint... for 30 years!

The first thing I did when we was ready to renovate was buy some paint... lots of it. It was 20L for £36 at Screwfix, bargain!

What I did not realise was how luminous and stubborn this green paint was, it needed 4 layers!! We finally got there and it looks amazing! The upstairs landing looks so bright, fresh and bigger!

Mission: Paint everything else white

So now that the landing turned out so great, I took my roller and paint brush to tackle the other 4 bedrooms. Will post more photos soon but here is one of them!

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