Everything else is on hold so... 100 things to do whilst in isolation

Everything is on hold at the moment, we are lucky that our friend/ electrician is happy to continue working in isolation. He should be done by tomorrow but then we face a long wait before the builders finish the job due to all the stores that are closed. I am sure you have been keeping yourself busy but I'm bored out my brains so here is a list of 100 things you can do whilst being at home and safe.

  1. Take a nap

  2. Do some gardening, plant some vegetable seeds/ tree

  3. Clean out under the stairs/ garage/ loft etc

  4. Clear out any out of date food

  5. Organise your freezer and food cupboards

  6. Hoover all the edges and corners of your rooms

  7. De-clutter under your bed

  8. Empty and re-arrange items in your bedside table

  9. Polish your shoes

  10. Descale your kettle

  11. De-crumb that toaster

  12. Sort out all your recycling

  13. Throw away any expired medication

  14. Re-arrange your underwear drawer especially your mismatched socks

  15. Pick at least 5 things you don’t use or wear and sell it/ give it away

  16. Post your gently worn bras to www.smallsforall.org - a charity to help women in Africa

  17. Make a compost bin

  18. Re-arrange some furniture

  19. Cut the grass, hedges or bushes

  20. Clean your makeup brushes

  21. Clean your oven

  22. Clean your washing machine

  23. Clean your windows (inside and outside)

  24. Start a DIY Project

  25. Home science project

  26. Pick a random movie to watch

  27. Play a board game

  28. Read a book

  29. Start a book club with your friends so you can discuss the books

  30. If you don't have a pet, use your imagination

  31. Play a friendly prank

  32. Write a short story

  33. Take another nap

  34. Play catch in your garden

  35. Play a online or console game or even better, SIMS

  36. Do a craft

  37. Cook something different or a dish from another culture

  38. Make the best and biggest all day breakfast you’ve ever made and instagram that sh*t

  39. Bake a delicious cake

  40. Online shopping

  41. Learn to play an instrument

  42. Play iSpy

  43. Download a new game on your app store

  44. Bake a loaf of bread

  45. Make a kick ass smoothie

  46. Play hide and seek

  47. Build a fort or a den

  48. Have a f.r.i.e.n.d.s marathon

  49. If you don't like f.r.i.e.n.d.s - let's end this right now

  50. Have a picnic in your garden

  51. Have a afternoon tea day

  52. Make a bullet journal, or print one off here.

  53. Start a budgeting list or saving plan

  54. Make a bucket list

  55. Write an email or letter to your future self

  56. Write a list of your best traits

  57. Check on your neighbour

  58. Write a letter to an elderly relative

  59. Buy a small gift for someone to let them know you’re thinking of them

  60. Donate £1, £10 or whatever amount to a charity you believe in

  61. Choose 5 people you haven’t spoken with in over 6 months and send them a message

  62. Enter some online competitions

  63. Plan a future trip or holiday

  64. Make a mood board

  65. Update your CV/ LinkedIn

  66. Volunteer for a day (When you can)

  67. Grow an avocado tree

  68. Watch Yotube videos on autoplay

  69. Create a spotify playlist

  70. Try and do the splits

  71. Delete photos from your phone

  72. Unsubscribe to email/ newsletters that are clogging your inbox

  73. Sign up to a newsletter that is more relevant to you

  74. Organise all your important documents such as bills etc

  75. Unfriend people you don't talk to on facebook

  76. Make a Pinterest Board

  77. Re-arrange your phone apps

  78. Do a YouTube fitness work out

  79. Take a extra long bubble bath

  80. Meditate

  81. Do Yoga

  82. Netflix and chill

  83. Make a homemade face mask

  84. Look through some old photos

  85. Watch the sunset or sunrise

  86. Read about a new culture or country

  87. Take a online course

  88. Learn a new skill

  89. Learn a dance to a song

  90. Learn a new language

  91. Learn how to do a cartwheel or handstand

  92. Learn a magic trick

  93. Learn a rap song

  94. Learn calligraphy

  95. Go on Instagram and search #puppy

  96. Research how you can make your home more Eco-friendly

  97. Watch a cartoon to take you back to your childhood (Mine would be Tom & Jerry or The Flinstones)

  98. Break out of a bad habit

  99. Somewhere in the world is happy hour, have a drink (or two)

  100. If you’re still bored, have a shower, fix your hair, do what makes you feel beautiful and take a selfie! Update your profile pics and be happy.

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