Landing Transformation

It's been a long journey and we've had many up and downs. I wanted to talk to you about our landing transformation and everything we did to make this change as it was one of the first 'areas' to be completed!

The house in general was very outdated, offkey colours, old fashioned light fittings and in all of the bedrooms, none of the lights were in the middle of the room!

Let's just get to the point! Here is everything we did to transform this space! I have also linked where I bought everything.

- Removed the door on the left (water tank room) and plaster boarded it, we then asked a Plasterer to work his magic before we mis coated and painted it.

- Sanded all the walls and used Dulux White Emulsion in Brilliant White Matt for the walls, ceilings and coving. It needed 3 coats

- Repainted the walls using Dulux White Mist Matt - 2 coats

- Sanded all the woodwork (Doors, frames and skirting board) and primed using Johnstones Wood Primer (Bought from B&M) and then Dulux Satinwood Eggshell White

- Sanded the Bannisters and primed using Zinnser BIN Primer and then Dulux Satinwood Eggshell

- Removed all door fittings (Door handles and hinges) sanded, cleaned and sprayed Matt Black using Screwfix No Nonsense Spray

- Replaced underlay and carpet. Our carpet is called Oyster Cove in Grey from Carpetright.

Looking at the above now, it doesn't seem like alot, there was definitely alot of stuff inbetween like removing the extra bannister handle from the wall, my father in law was adament we keep it in the garage as we will need to put it back on the wall when we're old ha!


Here is the finished look - except light fittings and skirting boards.

I am so happy with how bright it looks now!

To do list:

- Put skirting board back on

- Touch up paint as carpet fitter chipped alot of this off!

- Replace light fittings

- Replace Light Switches

- Put door back on cupboard

- Decorate!

We completed this transformation during Lockdown 2020 and I have to admit at times I really did suffer mentally as I felt it was just constant work work work but I know the more work I put in, the quicker it will be finished. I know alot of you renovations out there feel the same as I do, when you're walking around in your 'DIY clothes', everything is so dusty and it just feels like this is how you'll be living forever, well I promise that it won't! Keep going, a little each day takes you a little closer to the finish line.

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