Lupe Technology - A hoover that doesn't 'suck'

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I am so excited to have received the new Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It came so beautifully packaged and it was so easy to assemble too.

After owning many different vacuums in the past, the Lupe Technology vacuum is the best one I have ever owned. It's no surprise though, the Pure Cordless has been in development for over 5 years. The two owners based in Bristol, UK have worked hard in identifying the issues in the industry and then improving them. Do you also find your current vacuum lacks performance and longevity?

All the features you want in a vacuum can be found on the Lupe Pure Cordless. Let me tell you what they are:

1. The vacuum can sit upright and you don't need to lean it on walls or drill any attachments to store it (god knows how many times my current vacuum has fallen down and scratched my walls!)

Even when you put it in carry mode, it still sits upright. The carry mode is perfect for those hard to reach areas and stairs as it's lightweight and also has a 2m reach in reach mode.

2. With its 1 litre bin capacity, it is still much more lightweight as the bulk of the vacuum sits lower whereas most hand held vacuums the main dust compartment sits at the top which can make those dreaded chores feel even more draining.

3. It has a versatile two brush head design; a soft roller and a brush roller, these are also very easy to remove too. The two brush design is amazing for picking up larger debris (and very small debris) and has the ability to work on both carpet and hard floor without needing to change settings.

4. The soft roller sits straight on the floor with no gaps (compared to a standard brush roller) which allows it to pick up the debris alot more efficiently and is more powerful too.

5. The battery is removeable which makes it easy to replace. It delivers up to 60 minutes of powerful cleaning from one charge and the LEDs at the front show how much charge is left. Lupe Technology have all their spare parts on their website and it's as easy as adding bananas to your basket.

You can check out and purchase your very own Lupe Technology here (affiliate programme) There's only one hoover you'll ever need and it's this one right here!

Thank you for reading :)

This item was gifted to me and the reviews are my own.

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