Mrs Hinch - The Little Book Of Lists... Look Inside.

After pre-ordering this book a couple of months ago, it finally came! I ordered mine from Amazon for £6.49. I have seen a lot people who say that this book is just a 'glorified notebook' and it is, but it is also a notebook that gives thousands of people something to focus on, a starting point or motivation. Say what you will but this book is one of Amazons number 1 selling books. If you want a book with cleaning tips, Mrs Hinch does have one here which is why The Little Book of Lists is literally, a book for lists!

Take a look inside!

The first section is your 'Weekly Hinch Lists'

You can section these by rooms or types of jobs, what ever you fancy. Mrs Hinch has done an example on the first page for you so you can pretty much get started right away!

The next section are 'Tadaa' lists

A 'Tadaa' list to my understanding is basically a 'to do list' so as well as your general cleaning, you can add things like, buy a birthday present for mum or drink water etc. These are designed to keep you motivated and organised at the same time. So satisfying to complete at the end of the day/ week.

The last part of the book is 'Fresh'n up Fridays' now, this doesn't have to be on Friday, it can be any day that works for you. Fresh'n up Fridays just rings a bell right? :P

These are quick blitz cleans around your home sectioned by rooms. Really fun and surprising how much you get done when you want to get them ticks in!

PROS: For £6.49, the quality is fantastic. The book has a nice weight to it, I dropped it on the floor earlier and it was perfectly fine! I also love the spiral binder and hard cover as it makes it so easy to fold the book back and write.

I just love the sections where you can colour in too, when you're taking a quick tea break, spend some time to yourself and just colour in! I find it very therapeutic

CONS: It would be good if the book had little tabs so you could easily navigate to each section quickly.

I'm really excited to get right into this book, I want to wait til I move into our home before properly filling it out so in a years time, I can look back and see how much my lists have changed as not all the rooms will be 'hinchable' when I start.

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