Radiator Makeover

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

We have a lot of radiators in the house and it would have costed a fair bit to replace all of them so instead we spent a small fortune buying bits to give them a fresh make over instead!

Here is a step by step guide

  1. Remove Radiators and drain

  2. Put down a sheet outside and place radiator down

  3. Wipe down your radiators using a cloth and sugar soap

  4. Lightly sand down your radiators

  5. Wipe down again (several times) and let it dry before moving onto the next step

Make sure you are wearing gloves and a mask for the next part:

Using No Nonsense Radiator Spray Paint, shake well and hover about 30cm from the radiator and start spraying evenly. It is much better to do several thin coats than one thick one. Leave about 20- 30 minutes between each coat before spraying again

I am so pleased with how they turned out! Check out the difference!

Here are all the items I used and where I purchased them.

No Nonsense Satin Spray - £6.99 from Screwfix

No Nonsense Sugar Soap - £2.49 from Screwfix

120 Grit Sandpaper - £4.50 from B&Q

Sponge Cloths - £1 from B&M

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