Spraying Door Handles

We have 18 internal doors which means, 36 door handles, can you imagine how much this would be to replace ALL the door handles? Let's not forget hinges too!

When I was doing research, the average cost of door handles was around £8-£12 and those were considered 'cheap' ... my budget doesn't stretch that far!

PLAN B: Mini upscale project!

Firstly, unscrew all your door handles and anything else on them that you want to to spray. Soak them in some warm water and scrape off any paint. Make sure they are very dry, I would recommend letting it 'air dry' too.

There are so many spray paints you can buy, the most popular one is the Rust-Oleum brand which I have also used (Will share with you the difference at the end) However, during the pandemic, I could only find this brand on eBay and it's 2 for £25 when usually it's £7.99!!

Anyway, I am using No Nonsense Matt Black Spray and for the same size, it's only £4.99! You can buy this from ScrewFix, at the moment it's click and collect only.

Once your handles are dry, put on some gloves and a mask and spray it lightly and evenly.

I would recommend spraying the handles at least 3 times as you use handles often and daily. This would save you from having to repeat the process sooner.

It's always better to spray thinly and more layers than once but thick as this will cause dripping and won't be as durable.

I did mine indoors in a well ventilated room as I did start outdoors but the wind blew my cloth over and all my handles got ruined! #RenoFail

I am so pleased with how they turned out!

Here is the Rust Oleum and the No Nonsense Brand side by side. (My handles are bumpy)

Rust- Oleum:

Is more of a 'shine' matt

Sprays evenly

Drips from the spray nozzle

6 hours to touch dry

No Nonsense

Excellent Price

Is definitely Matt finish

Sprays evenly

No drip

Touch dry within 2 hours

I hope you enjoyed this! Please tag me on Instagram of your upscales and I will re-share your fantastic renovation projects! See below my before and after :)

Thank you for reading!

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